REVIEW: Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Thursday, May 29, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love moves in mysterious ways.
That's according to one song I've always liked.
It always comes unexpectedly.
It will jump right at you without you noticing.

Maybe Someday shows us how unpredictable and surprising love could be. It is a story where things eventually have to happen so that the right things fall in to place.

I fell in love with Sydney and Ridge's story because it felt raw and real. It was really beautiful.

"If I could be his, I would wait

And if I can't be yours now

I'll wait here on this ground

Till you come, till you take me away

Maybe someday,

Maybe someday."

Sydney thought he had the perfect boyfriend.. That was until he cheated on her.. WITH HER BESTFRIEND. What an a**hole huh?

I just punched a girl in the face. Not just any girl. My best friend. My roommate.

She left. Not knowing where to go and what to do. I mean I wouldn't blame her for leaving. You wouldn't want to be living with the woman who stole your boyfriend right? Fortunately, Ridge, his attractive guitar-playing neighbor offered her a place to stay until she could get her own place.

Ridge and Sydney started out being really good friends but things started to turn into something different when they started working music together. Every moment they spent together felt good. It felt right. They fit so well together. But.. It isn't right. Because Ridge has a girlfriend. And he loves her immensely. But he, also started to feel something for Sydney.

I was having thoughts and feelings I knew I shouldn't be having, and it was scaring the shit out of me. I've never had an issue with jealousy until now, and I don't like the person its turning me into. Especially when the jealousy I'm feeling has nothing to do with the girl I'm in an actual relationship with.

Sydney doesn't want to be like her best friend. She didn't want to be the girl who ruins a good relationship. She tried to let go. She tried and tried but somehow her heart is not letting her brain win.

Despite how hard we tried to fight it, all of those things happened between us because our feeling for each other are becoming much more than our desire. Desire is easy to fight. Especially when the only weapon of desire is attraction.

It is not so easy when you're trying to win a war against the heart.


I love Sydney. I don't think there's anything about her I didn't like. She is one of the best female characters I've ever read. Of course it doesn't exempt her of making bad decisions though. But I guess everyone makes bad decisions even good people. I loved how she doesn't want to try and steal Ridge. She knew where she stood. But still the heart is a very difficult enemy. It doesn't understand what the mind tells it to. I liked that she was completely accepting of what Ridge chooses. She doesn't make him choose though. She was very selfless and understanding. Also, I have to give her kudos for punching Tori in the face. She deserves it.


*silly side info - I immediately imagined Andy Brown from the band Lawson as Ridge. Seriously!! SQUEEAAALL*

Okay. I love Ridge. No doubt I love him with every beat of my heart, He was just perfect. Well of course he isn't perfect. He has some sort of disability but you'll have to read the book to find out because I'm not telling anymore than that. It is very hard to be torn between to people. As I was reading about Ridge, he was totally devoted to Maggie (the girlfriend). There was never any intention in his mind or wherever it comes from that he would fall for someone else. He adores Maggie and I do to actually. Ridge's decision would make and break the story. One wrong thing he does and it ruins the whole book for me. Colleen Hoover Ridge's character so good. Ridge was perfectly imperfect.

I'm convinced that people come across others in life whose souls are completely compatible to their own. Some refer to them as soul mates. Some refer to them as true love. Some people believe their souls are compatible with more than one person, and I am beginning to understand how true that might be. I've known since the moment I met Maggie that our souls were compatible, and they are. That is not even a question.

I hate Love Triangles. Love Squares. Love Hexagon or whatever. I HATE ANYTHING RELATED TO PEOPLE CHEATING ON OTHER PEOPLE. I just detest it. I don't think anyone can love anyone else if they really love that person. I've entirely made up my mind about that. You could never love two people at the same time. But when I read this book... I just... I started to doubt my beliefs about it. Maybe it is possible to love to people at the same time just not at the same level I guess.

I like Maggie. Usually, I hate the third person in a triangle but it is so hard to not like Maggie. She is just as good of a person as Sydney. She's friendly and loving and funny. Who would hate a girl like that? I couldn't bring myself to not want Ridge to be with Maggie too. Maggie loves Ridge too. She deserve Ridge just as much as Sydney does.

However, I also know that my soul is compatible with Sydney's, but it's also so much more than that. Our souls are not just compatible - they're perfectly attuned.

I hate to be in Ridge's position on this one. He is the middle of two very lovely girls. Both of them he loves while the both of them loves him too. Its just so complicated I don't really know what I'd do if I was in the same position. I used to think you couldn't love two people at the same time but I guess I was wrong about that.

Maybe Someday has a perfect beginning and ending. I just love every bits of it. The secondary characters made me laugh and cringe sometimes but they all make the story perfect. Without one of them, this book would probably be not as good as it is. Sometimes, its not just the main characters that make or break a book.

This book is one of the best I've read!
It made me cry.
It made me laugh.
It made my heart jump with joy.
It made me excited.
It made me want to read more.

I've read Slammed but I honestly think this one is the better of the two. The writing was the same. It was good and fluid. But as for the story itself and the characters, I love this one better.

Have anyone of you read this? If yes, tell me what you guys think about it. If not, please do read it and tell me if we share the same thoughts.

'Til Next time! :)


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