REVIEW: If I Break by Portia Moore

Monday, June 09, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Oh you are a masterpiece!

You had me turning and turning the pages. I wanted to know more. The mystery kept me at the edge of my seat. I am sooo sure Cal was a secret agent. Imagine my surprise when he wasn't!! I almost died!


Lauren Brooks thought she had the perfect husband. That was until he started disappearing on her.

Lauren and Cal met at a bar where she was waitressing. She didn't need the distraction . She only have two semester's left until she graduates and she needed to focus. But Cal was making it so hard for her to resist.

Everything was great. 
Everything was perfect.
They got married.
Everything was at it was until slowly things started to change.

But Cal was hiding something.
He disappears for long periods of time and explains he was on a business trip but Lauren felt that there was something.
And Lauren would do anything to find out what her husband was hiding.

LAUREN: I feel for her really. There wasn't really much she could do regarding the whole thing. She fell in love with someone. It wasn't her fault the entire thing. I really couldn't tell Lauren's story without giving away too much details.

I do have to say that I am a bit disappointed because she didn't really get to know Cal first before jumping into marrying him. He was rich, good looking, a perfect gentleman but not knowing anything else about him is a bad sign. The whole point in marrying someone is to be able to spend your entire life with that person. It is about making a beautiful family with them. But how could you do that when all there is are secrets?

I can't say that no one jumps into marriage like that. I am absolutely positively sure there are some that do. That's why there's VEGAS right? But still.. It is very important that you get to know the person you are going to marry first before taking that big leap.

Lauren was a strong-willed character. She doesn't give up until she found out the truth about Cal. She does throws tantrums every now and then though but for a reason. I understand why she's upset. But that doesn't change the fact that she put it on herself in the first place. Cal didn't force her into anything. I guess she was a hopeles romantic like me. To all the girls reading this...DON'T Just don't do it. Get to know your guy first. Make sure he is NOT A SERIAL KILLER. I am so not kidding. Do you guys know how many serial killers are out there just waiting for the next victim? Yeah sure I watch too much CSIs but come on.. There is a probability that the person you marry is a serial killer. So make sure you know your fiancee well before you say I do.

But no, Cal is not a serial killer.
*sorry about all the rambling about serial killers. i just actually thought he was when I was reading it.*

CAL: I liked him. I really do. I get tingly all over every time I read about Cal. And again, I can't reveal too much about him because it is going to spoil the entire book.

He had tons of secrets and I still couldn't grasp it after I finished the book. My mouth was hanging wide open after everything has been revealed. It was a total shocker! I WAS NOT EXPECTING THAT

You either love or hate Cal. You could say he's a lying bastard but then at the back of your head you can't really blame him. He just wanted to have a life of his own. oooohhkkkaayy I think that's about enough spoiler.. *ZIPS MOUTH*

Cal. Cal. Cal. Oh why!!
See as of now, I am still puzzled about it. I am still thinking about everything. About how it was possible for something like that to be true.
Sigh. Cal.


You started out really ordinary for me. I actually thought this was just a normal contemporary story about a husband and wife that just couldn't meet in the middle. I actually though Cal was a super spy or a terrorist or something but he wasn't. It was more than that.


Nah. He wasn't. Just kidding! :)

But all I could say is that I was mindfucked! You played with my brain for real and this has never happened before. The ending was very unexpected.

The flash backs actually did a good job in telling this story. It was a very very clever idea. It wouldn't work if it was all told in the present time.

There were times that I felt that story was getting a bit slow. I was so eager to get to the part where all the secrets was revealed. I was at the point where I wanted to skim through the pages just so that I could know what Cal's secret was. I was trying so hard not to. I can't believe I controlled myself not to peek.

Towards the end, you really broke my heart. I could not believe how much it broke my heart. My heart was bleeding for Lauren and Cal. I was sobbing and wiping my tears away when I was nearing the end of the book. There is just so much passion, hurt and confusion it was heartbreaking. I wasn't able to breath right. Especially when everything was explained. It hurt. It hurt like hell.

I could only imagine what Lauren must have felt. There are no words to explain how much that must have sucked for her. *pause* no I couldn't say what it is. I could not say it! I seriously want to say what the secret is because it's too unique. I've never read anything like it. I've never read anything that left my mouth hanging open. The secret is just too good to tell.

All in all, I would definitely recommend you! I loved this book. I loved the drama. The twists and the turns. The complete unexpectedness of the entire book!

WOULD I RECOMMEND? definitely a yes!


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