REVIEW: Breaking Nova (Nova #1) by Jessica Sorensen

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

People say that time heals all wounds, and maybe they're right. But what if the wounds don't heal correctly, like when cuts leave behind nasty scars, or when broken bones mend together, but aren't as smooth anymore?

Sometimes bad things happen.
Sometimes it happens and there is nothing anyone can do about it.
Not even if we drown ourselves in alcohol or drugs or whatever things that we could think of to make us forget.
It won't happen.
Because life is like that.
Sometimes things happen that are beyond our knowledge and control.

Breaking Nova was about two people coping from a loss they didn't expect. It was about scars that doesn't seem to go away no matter how hard they try to forget.

Nova hasn't been the same since she found her boyfriend, Landon, dead in his room. Just when she thought everything in her life was perfect. Just when she thought things were finally in place, he left her. Permanently. And that messed up Nova pretty bad.

Then comes, Quinton. He lost his self the night the accident happen. He lost his one and only love that night their car crashed. He almost died that night too but someone he was given a second chance at life, a second chance he didn't really want. Now, Quiton is just a shadow of the person that he was back then.

After Reading Thoughts

I seriously had no clue it was going to be that intense.
I seriously had no idea it was going to make my heart hurt the way it did.

I loved this book. Althought it dealt a lot about drugs, death, pain, depression and all that, I still liked it. I loved the fact that it was so raw and real that I could feel the character's pain and sorrow.

This book was the darkest New Adult book I've read so far. I was a little bit uneasy with the whole drugs stuff because I'm scared of it and although I face tons of problems and trials, I would never ever consider drugs to dull the pain. But after reading this book, I sort of have a better understanding on why some people do it. I can't say I agree with their way of coping with pain but I have to say I understood better now.

First off, I would have to say I am extremely happy with how this book was written. I think it works really well that its a dual POV and how sometimes you'll get glimpses of the past so you'll understand a bit more of what is happening now and what has happened before.

I feel for Nova and Quinton. They have been through a lot and they deserve to be happy. They both blame each other for things they couldn't have avoided. They were the only two people who I really have sympathy for. The other ones like her friend Delilah and Dylan. They belong together and seriously, I didn't give a f*ck about what happened to them. It wasn't exactly made clear anyway what Delilah was running from and why she stayed with Dylan but whatever. I don't really care about them anyways.

Back to Nova and Quinton.

I sort of thought they didn't really click at first. I'm no longer talking about the depressed side of both of them but rather the romance part. Their relationship build up was actually a slow one and was a little worried that I won't like them but gradually, I felt their connection and how much they needed each other to heal.

She sucks in a sharp, stammering breath, then kisses me back like she's been trapping her breath for ages and suddenly I'm supplying her with oxygen.

I just hate that this is a cliffhanger. I wish it was a standalone instead so I'll know what happens to Nova and Quinton.
I can't believe I have to wait a couple of months more before the next one comes out.

Would I recommend this book to everyone? Not really. This book isn't for everyone. It was great don't get me wrong but all the drugs and suicide and all that here could be too much for some people so I guess I'll recommend it for those people who can as Nova and Quinton's story is definitely one that should be read. It is not your typical NA book that will have a bad boy and a good girl in it and the bad boy changes immediately. No. This one isn't like that *thank goodness*.

Let me end with a quote from Nova which I absolutely love and could relate to:

I'm learning that it's okay. It's okay to hurt. It's okay to cry. It's okay to admit we need help. It's okay to let go.


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