REVIEW: Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

Thursday, July 31, 2014

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“No matter how long you train someone to be brave, you never know if they are or not until something real happens.”

Tris has been one of my favorite heroines of all time. She's strong-willed. She's smart. She's enduring. She's dauntless. She is divergent. These are a few of the many things I loved about Tris... in Divergent. that is. She was such a disappointment in this sequel. Where was the Tris I read about on the first book?

of reading this...

I wish I didn't watch the movie. This is all your fault Theo James for being the perfect Four. For being everything I thought Four would be. Now I've read this stupid sequel. Although, I still am crazy over Four, I am not so with Tris. Tris sucks. Redeemed herself towards the end, but still... She made shit loads of stupid and irrational decisions, that could have cost her her life and Four's. AND I DON"T WANT FOUR TO DIE. He is mine.


This book started right after Divergent ended.

Tris was struggling. After boarding that train to going to Amity with Four and the others, she knew she couldn't just forget what happened back in the city. The guilt was killing her. And she couldn't tell anyone WHY NOT??! don't you trust Four?

She shot Will. She was trying to save her life. She knew she had to do it. But he died. She's replaying the scene in her head over and over. SHE WAS GOING INSANE. SHE WAS MAKING RIDICULOUS DECISIONS WITHOUT THINKING

They didn't stay long in Amity - the Erudites knew they were hiding somewhere. They went looking for them in the Amity headquarters. So they fled for their lives. Tris, Four, Caleb, and Susan ended up on a random train. On that train, Edward was there - a previous Dauntless initiate but now one of the factionless. He brought them to a factionless safehouse which they didn't knew existed up until now. There they meet Four's mother, Evelyn.

A string of events happened that will force the Dauntless to select new leaders for their factions. Tori, Four, and Harrison whoever the fuck that is. They made plans on how to take over the Erudite and gain control of the simulation that triggers the Dauntless to do random acts of crazy. They partnered up with the factionless, headed by Evelyn. Tris, however, had other plans.


Seriously Tris? What happened to you? Where was the female lead I adored on book one? I was planning to get the same stupid tattoo you have. That's how much I idolize you. You are one of the strongest female lead I've read about... and what you did on here... was pathetic. I get that you're mourning for the loss of your parents - I get that. I'm not that mean and inconsiderate, but that doesn't excuse you for lying and hiding stuff from people who you SAID you trust. You were so selfish. You were only thinking about yourself and your stupid, twisted version of bravery. Trying to get yourself killed ON PURPOSE isn't brave, it's moronic. So forgive me for not rooting for you to get yourself killed.

What are you trying to prove Tris? You are divergent. Not just Dauntless, you idiot. Four was right about that. We share the same thoughts. This is not because I am in love with Four okay? He has his faults too, but they were more forgiveable.

"You are more than Dauntless," he says in a low voice. "BUt if you want to be just like them, hurling yourself into ridiculous situations for no reason and retaliating against your enemies without any regard for what's ethical, go right ahead. I thought you were better than that, but maybe I was wrong."

There is nothing to prove Tris. You are you're own person. You don't have to show them you're brave because they already know you are. You saved Four. You save those people you could. But you can't do that for everybody... You maybe Divergent, but you're not God. Your WTF moments were extremely annoying because they could be avoided. Also, you can't do everything alone, you need people. You need to trust people. You said you trust Four... You said you love him.. Doesn't show too much on this book girl! You wrecked him most of the time. He already has so much on his plate, but you keep on putting more. You never thought about his feelings. You maybe right the end, but it was dick move still.


I think you soften up with the name change, so I prefer calling you Four. Although, you, like Tris, made some seriously stupid decisions - I still love you. girlish giggle. I'm sorry guys. I'll be biased on this one. I had Theo James on my head the entire time. Stupid movie. LOL. I loved it, don't get me wrong.


Anyways, back to criticizing Four. Okay. In this book, he was more of like, Tris' mom than her boyfriend, or whatever kind of relationship they have. I'm not kidding. He was constantly yelling Tris' WHICH SHE FUCKING DESERVES BY THE WAY for her recklessness. I totally agree with him with that. He should shout. He should be angry. He loves her - he doesn't want to lose her when it could be avoided. That, apparently, is not too clear for Tris. She still goes on her merry journey of becoming the most selfless and brave divergent there ever lived.

I'll be extremely honest here okay? Four. You suck in this book as well. I'm so sorry baby, but you hid stuff from Tris, which made her not trust you as well. And why the hell will you do that to your father? You did not need to prove yourself as well. You are you. You are not a coward. Dude. You were young when it happened. You were scared of course. You were just a bunch of asshat with nothing better to do than taunt people about their weakness. You didn't have to do what you did. *disappointed head shake*

Sorry Theo Four. McGonagall also does not approve.


No romance here. Not even one bit. Making out does not count as romance if you ask me. There was NO spark. The spark from Divergent, was missing. It was taken away for some reason. This book would have been more bearable, if they were working together as a team, as they should be. But no, evil Ms. Roth decided it was better to make her readers frustrated by seeing two of their favorite characters falling apart. EVIL

And Tris. You don't care about Four. Your actions on this book proved that.

I'll gladly take him from you if you don't want him.


I couldn't give this book a 1 because it was still good. There were a lot of good things in this book, just exclude the characters and the cruel plot development. I remember feeling the same way about City of Fallen Angels This was a long book, and I think there were some parts that could have been opted out or just changed. I think the story just really picked up when Tris started to stop being a bitch. I think that's the part where I enjoyed this book the most.

The writing was still as good as the first two. Very descriptive. The pace was something I liked as well. I think this was not as fast as the first one, but it worked. This book was fast paced, but Tris, like 85% of the book was all mopey, depressed, and was having that self-sacrificing-bullshit going on, so imagine how long she was being annoying?

I'd have to give extra points to upredictability on this one. There was a part, that I absolutely didn't see coming. I was blindsided! It was the ulimate what-the-fuck moment for me in this book. The traitor was the one you would least expect. Tsk tsk. It was Four. Nah Just kidding. Nah it wasn't him.

The ending just confused the shit out of me. I was like, "that's it? that's the holy grail that everyone's been trying to get?" Sigh. I guess we'll have to read Allegiant the title just sounds meeeehh. to know what's all that about.

I'm very bad with series. I suck at reading them. Most of the time, I stop at book one, because I feel that if I read book two, I'll hate it. And this was a good example. I didn't hate it okay? It just wasn't as good as I thought it would be. All the awesomeness of Divergent, was adruptly toned down in Insurgent. WHY VERONICA? WHY?

I forgot to make stupid notes again. I really have to be more organized. I have a lot more to say, but I'm kind lost now on what they were. So I'll probably end this review here.

I'm sure a lot of you will disagree with me and my review. If you agree or disagree, feel free to leave comments below. I'm interested in hearing your thought about this.


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  1. Great review! I agree that McGonagall would not approve of any of them, hahaha. Tris sucked so much in this book - I get why, but that doesn't make it any more fun to read. And Four was also a giant fucknuckle.

    Hope you enjoy Allegiant better! It's got a mixed audience.

    1. Haha. Yeah. That's why I chose her to be the GIF. LOL. Reading back my review, I thought it was very funny. Haha.

      I understood she had to cope with loss, but it shouldn't make her reckless, but more careful. Everything she did was totally the opposite of what she should have. Yeah. It sucks about Four. Tsk tsk. Bring the old Four back!

  2. I can understand you frustration, but *SIGH* my love for these books. ugh, I really just can't WAIT to see your reaction to the third book!!! (SNAP)

    1. True. I love Divergent. The whole world building for me was what drawn me to these books. But this one suffered the second-book-syndrome. Sigh. I will try and see if I would have the strength to read the last one. I was spoiled. I was spoiled!! I know how it ends.. akfh lkdf had;fias. I wish they didn't spoil me. LOL


    I completely agree. The first book was definitely my favorite of the trilogy. I think we were both bothered by Tris and her "selflessness" / "bravery" (a.k.a. stupidity) and the teenage angst that ran ramped throughout. I think the saving graces for this one were - like you said - the writing and the unpredictability.

    Thanks for sharing, and, as always, BRILLIANT review! Glad to see someone who agrees and I hope Allegiant is a better read. :)

    ~ Zoe @ The Infinite To-Read Shelf

    1. Aww thanks Zoe! *hugs*

      We are definitely in the minority on this one. Everyone seems to be okay with Tris being a bimbo on this book. She had her moments, especially towards the end - but the rest she was pretty shitty. I don't get why she was so willing to sacrifice her life, when her mother, her father, and Four wanted to save her. I don't get where that logic came from. I'm Divergent so I should be the first to die??? Really?

      Raaaawwwrr! I'm so angry! LOL. Have you read Allegiant?

  4. This is my least favorite book in this trilogy. But Allegiant is amazing, so I hope you enjoy it!

    Lovely review :)

    1. I'm still contemplating whether I'm going to read that actually. LOL. Glad to hear you like it though. :)


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