BLOG TOUR & REVIEW: Finding Keepers by Kristi Strong

Monday, August 11, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

"Sorry, it's just, I've had my heart broken by adults so many times already. I don't know if I could survive having it broken by someone my age."

I wasn't expecting to like Finding Keepers. I got this book for a blog tour, and wasn't expecting too much. The blurb from Goodreads made me feel that this book would be something I would like. And I did, this book was amazing.

Alyssa was abandoned. When she was ten, her mother, just left her in front of her school and never came back.
For six years, she's been movin from one foster house to another. 
She wanted to be something.
She wanted to have something stable.
To have a family.
But that was hard to do, especially if you don't know if you're going to stay in one place for a long time. 

Her newest keeper was young.
Only twenty-five.
So she knew... She would have to move again soon.

Only, Jessica seems to care more than the others.
She seems to be eager to help her.
Only problem was Jessica's boyfriend, who doesn't seem to want her around.

Will Jessica be her keeper for good? Or like the others, will she give her up too?

My heart broke for Alyssa. Six years of not having a permanent home must have been terrible for her. I couldn't even imagine how she felt, being moved from one family to another, and not staying long enough on any of them.

"Now you know why I'm so screwed up. Why I can't risk being seen with the wrong person or doing badly at school or be anything less than perfect. I'm already a person no one wants, so I make sure they don't have any more reason to get rid of me."

It does something to you, make you feel unwanted and uncared for. Her own mom, left her. Her dad, left her. She didn't have anyone else. She was broken and alone. She didn't trust any of her foster family anymore, because she knew that at some point, they'll grow tired of her and have her picked up again.

When she met Jessica, she felt good about her. But she already convinced herself that, nothing was going to happen, it will still be the same. There was a point where, Alyssa, became really whiny. There was a point where she pushes everyone away, even when they want to make her stay.

She developed good friends in Brianna and Caleb. They have always been there for her, even when they also have their own problems to face. They stuck with each other, through thick or thin.

One good thing about this book, is how it dealt with multiple issues, but still managed it to be light. There were no heavy drama involved. They resolved themselves, in a way that no one gets killed. Because sometimes, authors tend to put crazy drama just to make a point. Like, if someone gets abused by their parents, they make sure someone dies, before the abuser gets jailed - that wasn't the case here fortunately.

The pacing was good too. I didn't notice time, when I was reading it. I liked how things unfolded, and solved itself. They weren't hurried, especially the resolution.

I didn't put any spoiler on this review, just because, I want you guys to read it. It was heartwarming.

This is the story how Alyssa lost a family, but found her way to a better one.


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  1. Good review. Thanks for participating.

  2. I think I've seen this book everywhere in the blogosphere, and I might want to read it soon. Thanks for the review :)

    Jillian @ Jillian's Books

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