REVIEW: Fall Guy (Youngblood, #1) by Liz Reinhardt

Monday, August 04, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*WARNING: This review might be more focused on HOT, STEAMY, DROOL-WORTHY Winch (if not the whole the review).

Evan Lennox met Winchester Youngblood just outside the courtroom on the day when they will both get sentenced for their wrong doings.
*Evan’s case was due to Unintentional Arson and Trespassing (which was really because of a very stupid reason) and Winch was because of drunk driving.*
They both get sentenced with community service.
Just when Evan though he would meet the hot blue-eyed guy again, she meets him at the site of her first community service assignment.
Evan was attracted to the hot-cold mysterious Winch.
No matter how hard she tried, she can’t get him out of his head. (But who wouldn’t? seriously?)
She made tons of assumptions as to why Winch doesn’t seem interested but nothing. She just couldn’t get him.
But what Evan doesn’t know was Winch actually was feeling the same way although there are certain factors in Winch’s life that is making him hold back.
The closer they get to each other, the more they couldn’t stay away from each other.
Slowly, the wall that Winch built around himself was slowly crumbling down. Evan wanted to know what it was that was holding Winch back.
When Winch finally laid all his cards on the table, Evan understood.
He was the fall guy. He was always the backup guy of their family. She knew she would never be the one he chooses.
But then again, Winch proved her wrong.

I seriously went BANANAS over this book!

I have read tons of books regarding forbidden love, but it was nothing like this. It was a rollercoaster of emotion and I loved every minute of it.

I want (if I could) personally hug and kiss Liz Reinhardt for making such a wonderful book. It literally took my breath away too much I couldn’t count it anymore.

Unlike The Secret of Ella and Micha (which I also love to death) the story of this book was a little more complicated. It dealt with choices. It dealt with choosing what you have to do, what you are expected and what you want to do. Will you choose what you want over your family? Will you choose the hard path but will make you happy or choose the easier path even though you know it will make you miserable?

Honestly, I didn’t really care much about Evan. It was a good thing that the POVs were alternating because if not I wouldn’t have finished this book. I liked Evan but there was a point that I felt that she has no sense of self-preservation. She was the go-getter type of girl. If she wants it, she goes and gets it even if eventually she’ll get hurt. But that was one of the things I admired about her. It’s kind of ironic though. The bad thing I noticed about her is the same thing I liked.

I want to dwell more on Winch! (my dream guy!)
Hot, gorgeous and extremely enticing DELICIOUS, EDIBLE, SEDUCTIVE, TEMPTING Winch!
I am seriously addicted to him.
I kind of imagined he would look somewhat like this guy but with that sexy Hungarian accent:

Totally drool-worthy right?

Okay he’s drool-worthy totally the kind of guy I’d love to bang me so what next? He’s a lot more than just a pretty face. He was the type of guy you could really count on. I mean he wouldn’t be his family’s fall guy if he wasn’t right? This guy gave up on a lot of things for his family. He gave up half of his life for them who never gave a shit about him. He was the fix guy. He fixes his stupid older brother Remy’s screw-ups which I think was just really really wrong. I hated them for that. I was absolutely furious with his family all throughout the book. They were crappy parents.

I was SO ANGRY! They were supposed to let Remy fix his own issues. He made some very STUPID mistakes and he should be the one to pay for it, not anyone else. That family was just seriously fucked up. I WANTED TO PUNCH SOMEONE IN THE FACE!


I was surprised on how graphic all those hot scenes were and I enjoyed devoured every minute of it. There was just so much passion between the two of them.

There were a lot of sexy time but when the serious stuff was up, it was SERIOUSLY emotional. Even when they were doing their thing, you’ll see that there was still drama going on in their heads. It was just
amazing. I loved hearing the alternating POV’s of these two but I mostly like hearing WINCH. Hey, it’s not being biased but I loved his POV because you’ll get to hear him as who he really is behind all that façade that he has on.

The ending was bitter sweet for me but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. It was the perfect ending for me. Winch made the right decision with the help of Evan of course. I will end this review with a little spoiler. It is in Winch’s POV and it really touched me in so many ways it almost made me cry. I’ll put it in spoiler so it’s up to you guys if you’ll want to read it.

“I’ll spend the rest of my life falling as far and deep and hard as my heart will let me go in love with this perfect, crazy girl who taught me to let go and hold on. I know in that minute I’ll be Evan’s fall guy until the day I die, and my future, for the first time in my life, is an always I can’t wait to fall into."

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS! *for readers of New Adult books*


  1. After seeing your review on Puddle Jumping, reading it, and loving. I can trust that I'll probably love this one. I'm going to check it out! Great review :)

    1. Oh wow! Glad you love Puddle Jumping!! :) Have you posted your review?? Yep, Go give this a go, You'll love Winch. :)


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