Tuesday, December 23, 2014
I seem to always be the last on book controversies. Haha. It sucks. I mean it's good in a way, but it sucks because I couldn't share my opinion about the topic at the time when a lot of people are talking about the issue.

So I have a question for you guys and I really want to hear your thoughts about it.

Would you read a book that is made by an author with a very shady or bad reputation?

I have read a lot of comments about this recently, especially on one of my most anticipated books of the year which was Endgame: The Calling by James Frey. His first book, A Million Little Pieces which was published as a memoir, but turned out that it wasn't. So that stirred up a lot of bad comments about him. Which I could understand, because he lied about that his book was a true story. He lied about the events on that book. Which is really fucked up. So I agree why everyone seemed so upset about it. I am upset about it, because I loved the novel. It was written in an unconventional way, with words that you get involved with the story. Engrossed even. So needless to say, I loved the unquoted writing style. And the writing itself.

But the controversies, doesn't seem to end there. He is yet again involved with another controversy about the Full Fathom Five, which is a packaging company he owns I believe. I heard from one booktuber about what the cause of the commotion was and it turned out he was doing some shady business. Like not providing the author enough fee for their work, and not giving them the rights for their book, those sort of stuff. And that is bad. I don't believe anyone should be doing that shit. Although, I can't be entirely sure if this is really how it works for publishing companies as well, hopefully not. I'm not going to say that I'm an expert on these things so if you guys could explain them better to me, I would really appreciate that.

But anyways, back to my ramblings about the topic. James Frey, having all this bad publicity, just published a book. And like I said, it's one of my most anticipated books of the year, because it has an interesting premise. Plus, the puzzle within the book is what caught my interest. I love puzzles and mindfucking book and having read I am Number Four series and A Million Little Pieces, I know this guy could write (if he really does write them). Would I still read this? After all the bad publicity this author got this year and a few years ago? Is it worth it? 

Personally, to answer my question earlier, I would still read it. I know a lot of readers would disagree with me on this. I have already read a lot of reviews on this book on goodreads saying, they will never touch this book because of James Frey, which I respect. But as a reader, wanting to know if a certain book is good or bad, then seeing all those bad reviews about a book they haven't even read, upsets me in some way. I respect the opinion, but as a reader and a reviewer, it upsets me. Because reviews are about the book, not the person who wrote it.

Now let me explain further on that. We are readers. We read books. We rate a book based on its content, and not how the author drinks, eats, talks, dress, or even fucking act. He could act as an asshole all he wants, as long as he gives me a good book. It's fine by me. I will shake my head and say "What a fucking dickhead", but I'll still applaud him for being a good author. But then, like I said, this is just my honest opinion on the topic.

Now there. Glad to have all my thoughts out.

I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts about this guys. I mean this isn't the first time this happened right. I think before, there were a lot of author behaving badly issues before too, like bashing reviewers on their bad reviews. But I think a lot of people still tried their books, ended up enjoying it, and the author hopefully learned her lesson.

Okay. So that's it for now. Hopefully, you guys could respond to my question down below. I'm really interested in hearing your thoughts about this.


  1. I've been hearing a lot about James Frey lately. The Ending was never really on the top of my list and haven't read anything else by him, so I don't really care. If I SEE it right there, I probably pick up The Ending but I don't exactly plan on it. I don't want to support him exactly but I MIGHT anyways. *shrugs*

    I really hated Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I DNF it and I PLANNED on picking it back up again but then I found out what a horrible person he is! I hated it the first time and my time is precious, I will not spend it supporting a horrible person and reading a book I hated the first time around.

    Great post! :D
    ~Fari 0:)

    1. Thanks! See this is why I love it when other readers share their opinion on stuff in a good way. I do understand why people get upset with ugly behaviors by author and i wish the authors will also think about their actions, because they are public figures too. If people hate them, then don't buy their work, they lose the people who would want to read their work, despite how good it is.

      I wish authors would also think twice about their actions. They're like actors and actresses, but only in a written literary form. People follow them. Idolize them. I hope they know that.

      Thanks for reading my unnecessary ramblings. Lol

  2. I understand how you feel but I honestly feel like yes, I'm buying a book based on the content but, then again I wouldn't feel comfortable buying and reading a book written by a child molester, no matter how good it is. You know what I mean. At the end of the day none of us are perfect by any means but if the behavior is really that bad, no I won't support the author. But, it'd have to be pretty bad.

    1. Wow. I didn't really think of it like that. And yes, i probably would not read a book from a child molester, but i dunno, i'm a pretty curious person so i can't exactly say for sure.

      The thing that concerns me though, is we dont personally know these people. Can we really be sure that they are that type of person? There's also a big possibility that someone just spread some nasty rumors about them? Someone they wronged and got really pissed and decided to wreck their reputation. I mean, its farfetched i know, but its a possibility. Right?

      Thanks for joining the conversation. :)

    2. The possibilities are endless. I would definitely need to be sure about what I hear and like before it would have to be really bad.

  3. I find myself agreeing with everything you just stated. Yes, so he did lie about the memoir and how it wasn't really true. But as readers, we are obligated to try new things and keep analyzing the things authors write over time. When Endgame was released in bookstores, I was probably one of the first to purchase it because it sounded truly amazing! I still haven't read it yet because I truly don't know what to expect, but I'm still very excited. I decided to really separate the "artists from the artwork" to gain a clean and clear prospective on this novel. I think as readers, we owe that much to all others. So, say, we buy a book just because it was written by one of our favorite writers!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz
    Please make more posts like this. I LOVED IT!!

    1. Thanks Alex. I'll try and post more book/reader related stuff on here aside from my regular reviews. :)

      I have heard interesting points as well from the other readers who have posted above and I see why they are not wanting to pick up these authors books. It all goes down to preferences and curiosity at the end. And I being a very curious person, would be. lol. :D

  4. Interesting post! I, personally, try to avoid reading books from authors who behave badly. I don't want to be attacked if I genuinely don't like the book. And that is something I do think of when people ask me if I would avoid books by a certain author. It's not possible to like every single book you read so I have to think about how I would feel if I didn't like the book and the author started to attack me, which hasn't happened but it has happened to several of my friends on Goodreads.

    I've seen a few authors attack readers I don't know, too. Some readers said the book was okay, just not great. The author started to attack them. It was brutal. And it definitely put me off them.

    I will say this however. If I doubt what I've heard or if the author seems to have changed their ways, I will buy the book if it sounds good. Unless it's something really, really bad. Then you couldn't pay me to read it. :)

    1. Yeah I've heard a lot of those things happening. Where authors bash the reviewers who put up negative reviews, and that is just downright mean and rude and unethical. I would agree to all of that.

      To be honest, I haven't read a book by one of those authors. Maybe because I just don't see any of their books, appealing to me yet. But also, if the blurb of their book speaks to me, I will pick it up. But even if they're mean authors, that won't stop me from leaving them a bad review i really hated their book.

  5. I prefer to base my opinions on the book itself and will often read books with no idea who the author is, so I'm not judging them, instead their work. However, I respect people who refuse to read something from a truly horrible person (not talking about James Frey, but in general) and to be honest I don't know if I'd be comfortable supporting someone like that either, if I knew in the first place.

    1. I 100% agree on that. And like I said, it's all comes down to preference. :D

      Thanks for adding your opinion Ana. :)


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