REVIEW: Never Never (Never Never #1) by Colleen Hoover and Taryn Fisher

Thursday, July 09, 2015

My rating: 

Best friends since they could walk. In love since the age of fourteen. 
Complete strangers since this morning. 
He'll do anything to remember. She'll do anything to forget. 

“Never never, Charlie,” I whisper.
  A moan. 
  “Never never,” she whispers in response.

At the back of my head I thought… Peter Pan??? :D

Oh shoot… That's never land.. Haha.

Would there be fairies? Because as far as I remember, Never Never is also the place where the fairies from the Iron Fey series lives… Is this a fairy book? Is this just a contemporary book that deals with a psychological problem? What???

I actually had to think hard before really ending up with a good rating for this book. While I absolutely love Colleen Hoover and the theme of this book, I just didn't like and approve of them cutting this book up to three parts... I felt so cheated after finishing this book.

I was not happy.


A crash. Books fall to the speckled linoleum floor.

Charlie was standing up when she forgot her memory. For some weird, unknown reason, she was standing there, not knowing who she was or why she was there.

Why don’t I recognize my own name? 
Or where I am? 
Or what I am?

Pretty intriguing huh? Yeah I thought so too.

Then things get even better.

Her supposed boyfriend, Silas, pretends everything is okay, well in fact... He lost his memory too. Probably around the same time he lost hers.

I want to ask her if she knows what might have happened to me, but I don’t want to scare her. How do I explain that I don’t know her? How do I explain this to anyone? I’ve spent the last three hours trying to act natural. At first I was convinced I must have used some kind of illegal substance that caused me to black out, but this is different from blacking out. This is different from being high or drunk, and I have no idea how I even know that. I don’t remember anything beyond three hours ago.

What caused the memory loss?

Why were they the only ones who don't remember?



I feel like I’m making excuses for someone who isn’t me. I feel like I’m making excuses for a friend of mine. This Silas guy. Someone who definitely isn’t me.

At first I thought Charlie was an okay character, but after awhile Amnesiac Charlie becomes really annoying. I hated how she always tells Silas (the male protagonist) that they weren't the same person(???) that other people think they are... Wtf man? It was okay at first but if you constantly say it, it gets annoying. I get that you currently dont know who you are, but that isn't an excuse to be a double constantly repeat it over and over again. I actually like the Charlie everyone remembers. That Charlie isn't perfect. She is flawed and i liked that in a character. But this Charlie, the one without memory, is meeeh.. Dont like her.


We’re branded. You and me. We are so in love, Charlie. You feeling it yet? Do I make your heart go pitter patter?

Uugggh! Silas is like an annoying suitor you won't be able to get away from... *makes weird face* I didn't find it attractive at all. I'm talking about memoryless Silas okay? I'm all for a sweet and romantic guy, but the things he say are overly cheesy and weird that I could understand why memoryless Charlie feels indifferent. I couldn't take it man... Nooo..


How this book started was just so good! I liked how it opened with Charlie somewhere in the middle of doing something without remembering anything.

The concept of this book for me is so good. I don't think I have read any book like this. Even the synopsis was unique. I am so in love with the concept. It has that mysteriousness to it. You couldn't be sure what this book really is.

It makes you want more. This book was so short that it makes you want more. The authors really did a great job with keeping the readers at the edge of their seat.

The pacing is just on point. It wasnt too slow nor was it too fast.

The suspense. The mysteriousness. I honestly still have no clue what this book is about. Is it paranormal? Or just a contemporary book about split personalities or psychological issues??? Gaaaah! More please.

That fucking twist!!! Oh man. I liked that.


I hated the two main characters. They are the most unlikeable characters I've read so far. Usually, I'll be okay with either the male or the female, but I think this is a first. The male lead didn't even do anything for me. Didn't even make my heart flutter even a bit. I'm so disapointed CoHo. The thing is, it was very hard for me to sympathise with both the characters. Okay i was sympathetic for their past, but not what they are currently going through. I did not care at all that they lost their memories. I did NOT CARE. But I do feel bad for their past. I wish that makes sense.

✘Some lines, especially from Silas were overly cheesy and corny.

✘I fucking hate cliffies and this one had one of the most frustrating cliffies in the entire gaaaahh!!! I am so upset.

ROMANCE! No chemistry at all. It was boring. We have a girl who cant accept who she is and a guy who acts like a loyal puppy dog. No way.

This should have been just one book!! When I began this review, I already told you guys how upset I am about this. I felt cheated out of my money for getting just possibly 1/4 of a whole book. Now I have to buy the next two books in the series just so I would know what happens to them... No way! Noooo... I am not going to spend more money on something that I should have gotten on one buy. I heard Tarryn Fisher and Coleen Hoover has contracts with different publishers or something and couldn't really collaborate on a bigger book, but still... I hate this.. I hate how I feel cheated for paying two more times instead of just one if I purchased another book. A complete one.


I am really disappointed with this book.

I love Colleen Hoover. She is one of my favorites and while I didn't hate this book with a passion that could kill... I wasn't a fan of this. I didn't hate as much as I hated Ugly Love... Let's just leave it at that. It was okay. Mediocre. And I wasn't expecting that from CoHo. I haven't read anything from Tarryn so I can't really comment on her writing so I'm saying this as a whole. The writing was meehh..

Would I reread the next books? Probably not because I don't think it's practical. I've never really been a fan of novellas that you have to buy the next one to understand what's going on. I like novellas, but not the continous type. I'll probably ask a friend to tell me what happened. I'm curious, but not curious enough to spend money on it.

Anyways, if you guys read this, liked it or disliked it let me know so we can chat about this title.


  1. I have never read a Colleen Hoover book but this one looks very interesting!

    Great review, Jordan


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