REVIEW: City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments #4) by Cassandra Clare

Sunday, June 15, 2014

My rating: 2 of 5 stars


You get fucking CITY OF FALLEN ANGELS!


Okay. No don't do that. Read my review first. :)

First off, I would have to say, I love the Mortal Instrument series, or at least the first three books of this series. I have been putting off reading this book because I knew something like this was bound to happen. There was just too much going on, but they're not very important if you ask me. You only get to know where the story is going probably a little after 50% of the book.

That really peeved me, big time! Before you get to the real story, you'll have to get a glimpse of the whiny/emo Jace, the annoying Clary, and the confused Simon.

We all know that before City of Glass ended (the third book), the Seelie Queen approached Clary about a favor. Of course, Clary declined, thinking that she was finally going to have her happily ever after and didn't need any involvement with the fae. Because with Valentine destroyed, the Clave was happy, everyone was happy and she finally got her guy. The who siblings drama was finally put to rest.

But then Cassie Clare said to Clary and Jace, "You think this is a happily ever after? No. You can't have that. Not yet. You haven't suffered enough yet. All that drama, heartache, and pain is not enough. I won't stop until you cry blood and kill yourself."

*Of course, she didn't exactly say that, but I think that's exactly what she is saying when she made the fourth installment.*

Okkaay. Enough babbling. Back to the summary.

City of Fallen Angels started where the last one ended. So, it started when they all think everything was fine. But it's not. All the characters on this installment are not allowed to be happy or even that close to it. But then someone started killing Shadowhunters, and dispatching their bodies on each of the Downworlder's Territory.

The war was definitely not over. I should have been fine by that. I would like more action and more Shadowhunter history because it's good. I like the world that Cassie Clare created. I loved how she created a world where all the mystical creatures are; angels, demons, warlocks, faeries. werewolves and vampires. I loved that there was a history on how things came to be. This is why I was entralled by this series in the first place.

But when the whole Jace-Clary drama came up again, I was ready to rip this book to shreds and never pick up another Cassie Clare book, EVER!But of course, I'm just exaggerating. I still love Cassie Clare, and I'll probably pick up the rest of the books in this series at some point.

Drama. Drama. Drama. I think that is actually what comprises this book. Let me break it down to the ones I noticed the most.

DRAMA 1: The Jace-Clary drama continues. Just when we thought, they would finally be together, we're wrong! Saving Jace was a big mistake, Clary should have just let him die. That was a bit harsh, but I really think she should have. I don't see the point of saving him but not being able to be with him. She should have just stabbed him to death after all the whole "balancing of order" thingy was mentioned.

DRAMA 2: Simon and his two girlfriends: Isabelle and Maia. I didn't think Simon was capable of cheating. He has a point though, he wasn't exclusively dating with anyone, but still, it was dick move! I think 15% of the book was about him trying to figure out how to tell both of them that he was two-timing them.

DRAMA 3: Jocelyn and her fear of demon babies. I think that's self-explanatory isn't it? When that first baby was reported dead on one of the dumpsters, she immediately assume it was some sort of an experiment, similar to the one done with Sebastian. And she was absolutely right. But, she was to engulfed with her wedding preparations I guess, that she didn't have time to notice her daughter demon hunting.

DRAMA 4:Jordan/Kyle and Maia. I don't have a problem with this drama but I think they are unnecessary. I have no problems with secondary characters as long as they don't have their own backstory that you have to follow too. There are just too many of them.

DRAMA 5: Alec and Magnus lover's quarrell. What happened to the old Alec? This Alec was immature, whiny, and vexatious. His issue is petty! I hate how he doubts Magnus when there's no reason to. NO REASON AT ALL. When Magnus was talking to Camille, that was one of the few times I actually smiled when I was reading this.

DRAMA 6: Camille and Magnus. Aha! I loved the some of the characters from the Infernal Devices were mentioned and made an appearance on this book. Camille was an evil bitch. She was hateful on the Infernal Devices and so was she here. She was cunning and manipulative, but she wasn't able to manipulate Magnus! YEEEEEEE!! :)

DRAMA 7: SIMON and the person who wanted him dead. Yep. Someone was trying to murder him. They do know that he has the mark of Cain. What do they do? They still try and kill him? That's stupid. And you know what else they did stupid? They kidnapped someone to lure him to them but didn't bother checking if this person meant something to him or not.

DRAMA 8: JACE VERSUS JACE. Okay. Jace was going crazy. That's all I could say. He was all mopey and gloomy and dead. He wasn't the Jace I used to love. There was a little bit of trace but it wasn't as appealing as before. I guess maybe Cassie made him that way for this particular book, BUT I AM NOT HAPPY. I want the old Jace back!


Okay. I calmed down now.

This book was not all that bad. The writing was still the same amazing. The description of each scenes, especially the fight scenes, were still at their best. However, the biggest let down, is still the whole twisted plot. The whole make-the-character-suffer-until-the-last-book type of plot. And it is very tiring to read. It put me off. I was so ready to put this book down and just continue with the Clockwork Princess, which is honestly better than this.

Last words...

I just wish this series stopped in City of Glass. She could have just done a spin-off with different characters, plot, and probably location too. This book just didn't work for me. Too much drama and subplots and secondary characters. Some of the secondary characters were dispensable.

I'm gonna be rating this a two and will be ending this review with my favorite line from Magnus.

"You give me the past," he said a little sadly. "But Alec is my future."


  1. I totally agree with your review ! The oh so many dramas and suffering make it kinda tiresome ! Loved your review ! Do you think the other two books are worthy reads ?!

  2. I am really not sure if I would be the reading the next two books soon but.. well.. all the hype about the City of Heavenly fire might cause me to read it like... Really soon.

    Glad we share the same thoughts!!


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