REVIEW: Ignite Me (Shatter Me, #3) by Tahereh Mafi

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Ignite, my love. Ignite.”


You have set me on fire!

After reading this... I was speechless. IT WAS THE BEST ENDING EVER! Of course, I am sure some would disagree with me on this. The whole Shatter Me series is supposed to be a dystopian novel but... The ending made me feel it was more of on the romance part than it being dystopian. I AM NOT COMPLAINING THOUGH I am very happy and satisfied with how things ended up!

I JUST KNEW IT! I totally was high-fiving myself because I was right. Right from the first book, I always knew this was how things are going to end!! I just knew it. And I am so happy I'm right. *I just really love guessing how things end and I am so happy this ended up on a happy note for me!!*


Everyone's dead.

At least that's what Juliette thought.

Everyone in Omega Point was dead. 

Her friends. James. Kenji. Castle.. And Adam..

They were gone..

After checking out what's left of Omega Point, Juliette and Warner discovered that some of them survived.
Juliette was out to seek revenge.
She doesn't want to be caged anymore.
She doesn't want to hide.
She doesn't want to live her life as a fugitive.
They need to fight back.

Warner supported Juliette's decision.
Adam was hesitant.

Tension built up between the three but they had a goal.
They had to work together to bring down the Reestabilishment.
Even if it kills them.


I'm bad with series. I have mentioned this as well on one of my previous reviews. I'm usually the type who will start the first book but will rarely finish the rest of the series especially if it's more than 3 books. The only series so far that I was able to keep up with is the Lux series (which I am absolutely crazy over!!) and this series.

I can't believe this is already over. I can't freaking believe I won't be reading anymore of Juliette (so proud of you dear), my WARNER, Adam (even though I hate him to bits!, Kenji (you are a funny lad! i love you too!) and the rest of the gang and their adventure.

Let me break down my review by characters.

Juliette: She really surprised me. I am totally happy that she was able to really see her potential and live up to it. She has he power to change things. And I am just so happy to see that she was able to see past all the obstacles. I'm so happy to see that she has evolved from the girl-who-always-feel-sorry-for-herself to the girl-who-think-she-can.

Fear will learn to fear me.

One of the things that I also liked was how she stood up for herself against Adam's judgement. Adam is not one of my favorite characters in this book because half of the time he was a dimwitted prick! *okay. i'll save Adam for later*

"If I have changed then so have you. The Adam I remember is kind and gentle and he'd never insult me like this. I know things have been rough for you latetly, and I'm trying to understand, to be patient, to give you space - but these past few weeks have been rough on all of us.

I seriously wanted to punch Adam. Like 85% of the time I wanted to massacre him. Cut his body up and feed it to the dogs. I was that angry!

I also love the fact that she was already able to come to terms with her feelings. She was able to maturely handle what she feels towards Warner and Adam. She absolutely made the right choice!

Juliette matured a lot. Especially on the second book which pained me just reading about it. She wasn't bad then but then she was weak and very needy of Adam. Now she's grown up and could stand on her own. I am just so extremely happy.

Adam: Now you Adam, have been very annoying as hell. I actually want to murder you. You have extremely disappointed me to the point where I ask myself why did I ever liked you in the first place.

I guess Juliette was right though, People do change. Circumstances change people and so it did change not only Juliette but also Adam. After reading Fracture Me, I then only realized how much of Adam I didn't really see. In Fracture Me, since it's his POV, he wasn't able to hide anything. I realized that there was someone more important to him than Juliette. His brother James.

Alright. I was exaggerating. I don't hate Adam. I was just extremely disappointed because I was rooting for him on the first book. But then after all the revelations. I would have to say Juliette and Adam are not made for each other.

Warner: I love you! I love you! I love you! I can't say enough "I love you's" to you. You are at the top of my book-bf list. You are at the very top with Daemon! Weeeeeeeehhhpeeeee!

So. On the first book, I wasn't really sure what was with him. I he was my ultimate favorite villan at that time, but then I think there was really something more to him. I just felt that he was something more than the wicked leader of Sector 45.

His novella, Destroy Me, confirmed my suspicion. There was more to Warner than meets the eye.

On this book, he completely blew me away. Every word, every action, takes my breath away.

"If there was the slightest chance I could spare you this pain," he finally says, "I would have taken it. You must know I wouldn't have said it if it weren't absolutely true."


He really got me. I could feel him almost as if he was touching me instead of Juliette... Okay. That sounded a bit perverted, but you'll understand it after you have read this wonderful piece of literature.

Here's a teaser:

He kisses the curve of my shoulder. My shoulder blade. Five kisses down my spine, one softer than the next. “I will be here every night,” he whispers, his words so soft, so tortured, “to keep you warm. I will kiss you until I can’t keep my eyes open.”

My head is caught in a cloud.

Can you hear my heart? I want to ask him.

I want you to make a list of all your favorite things, and I want to be one it.

WARNING: Please be warned that Chapter 55 has scenes that will make your heart burst with joy! I am not kidding. Oh boy! What a scene?! MARK IT IF YOU MUST. HIGHLIGHT THE ENTIRE CHAPTER!

Special Mention: Kenji you are amazing! I love you too. But not as much as Warner. But you kept everything light when it was hard. You are the ray of sunshine for everyone. You are cool and collected and funny and all that.


The ending made me really teary-eyed. I loved it to bit. All the characters became really dear to my heart and would love to read more of them. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

All I could say is that everything fell into place. It ended the way I would have wanted it to end.

SHATTER ME is not about the war between the oppressed and the oppressor. It is not about the freedom. It is not about the dystopian era. This book is more about a girl and how she finds herself. How circumstances could change people either for the good or the bad.

I know some readers will say that the ending was bad because it didn't really show much of the war or the fight and all that. But the point is, this book was never about that in the first place. This book is not like the Hunger Games or Divergent. They have the similar setting but the flow of the story is different. Shatter Me focused on the development of the characters and how they cope and fought back rather than the situation while HG and Divergent did otherwise.

I would have to say I missed the strikeouts.

For TEAM WARNER, you are really going to love this ending.

I would highly recommend this series for lovers of fantasy who love a good love triangle, kick-ass heroine, swoon-worthy guys, funny banters among characters and a good plot, then I highly recommend this series.

Thank you SHATTER ME SERIES for making me extremely happy and contented. I will be missing you. At some point, I will definitely be rereading you!




  1. Ooh, glad that this book really deliver and it ended beautifully! I actually haven't read this series, but since everyone seems to be eternally gushing about it and since the ending is great, I think I'll give this a try!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Neysa @ Papier Revue

  2. it is amazing @Neysa! :) You should read it. I highly recommend this one. No dull moments and the male characters are pretty hot!


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