REVIEW: Hope's Decree by Angela McPherson

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Dear Hope's Decree,

You gave me hope that not all YA books are the same.
It was like being able to breathe fresh air again.
It was a really good feeling.

It's been a while since I've read anything outside contemporary YA/NA books and this was a good break from that. I've always been a fan of anything that has any kind of Myth in the story. A few of my faves are the Goddess Test series and Starcrossed series. And you my friend, have been added to the list.

The characters from start to finish were great. I loved the development of the characters. How each and every one of them had their own roles.

Another thing I loved about this is the unpredictability of where the story was going to go. It was like I was blinded the entire time. I've always liked being the know-it-all reader who guesses what will happen next. Most of the time, I am right and I was so surprised that I was wrong like half of the time for this one. Just when I thought the story will be going this direction, it goes exactly the opposite of that. AMAZING! I love it!


Trinity started having bad dreams again. And not just dreams. They're more of a nightmare that has been hunting her when she was still a kid.

Everything was normal (normal isincluding her ability to feel other people's emotion), that was until the new guy at school came.


He made her feel different.

She knows when he's coming. It's as if her body knows that he's there.
It was as if they were connected.
There was like a bond between them.

As soon as his hand touched mine my inner light washed over me, killing the darkness with its beauty. The constant tug-of-war battling inside of me no longe held.

She was determined to find out what it was but Blain wouldn't allow her to get to close.

Then even weirder things started happening and before she knew it, she was discovering things about her that she didn't even know.
She was the hope of humankind.
She was the decendant of Pandora, the woman who unleased evil into the world.
She was born to correct that mistake.
She was hope.
The problem is.. Will she embrace that gift or will she run?

I didn't see any plot holes. All the questions were explained in a proper way. It book as a real page-turner. I'm a slow reader because of work and taking care of my kid and my boyfriend and for a book to take me just 5 days to read. It means the book was that good.

TRINITY: At first I thought she was going to be like the others. Shy, awkward and pretty-without-knowing-it type of character. I'm so relieved when she wasn't at all like that. She did start out that way but she really surprised me towards the middle and even towards the end. There were times where I sort of wanted to punch her because of... Well it is going to be a spoiler if I said it but she was an amazing character.

I loved how she didn't take crap from Blain. I liked that. She knew what she wanted and knew what she deserved.

"I'm the one whose life is on the line." I continued. "How can you expect me to do anything if you won't give me the details? You've hardly told me anything! I've been patient - hell I even accept my role in this crazy situation - but I will walk away from this, from everything, if you don't start treating me with respect."

She was brave and weak at the same time. I like that in a character. We can't all be strong and fearless. At some point, people get weak and that's why I like her. She had her moment of weakness and that's what makes her relatable and real.

BLAIN: So.. I'm kind of in the middle when it comes to Blain. Well I understand his role. I understand everything about what he has done for Trin but.. I kind of felt there was something lacking about him. I was totally rooting for Trevor the first few chapters because I felt he was a bit hmmm.. how do I say it??? of an ass?? But I would have to say, he does look insanely hot to me. :)

Tall and lean, his black T-shirt clung to his body, providing a hint of muscle beneath. His sandy blond hair was short, but long enough to weave your fingers through its thick layers.


Blain greeted us with a slow smile. A lone dimple indented in his left cheek. His royal blue shirt mimicked the color of his eyes - as if he could look any more gorgeous..


I didn't like him during the first few chapters because honestly, I'm all good with honesty but please don't send mix signals! Pulheasseee.. It was a bit of a turn-off. The good thing about Blain was he totally redeemed himself. I guessed his reasons and they are totally acceptable but still... I dunno just had mixed feelings towards him but at the end.. He blew me away.. Not in the sense that some of you might think. Hihi. :)

MORPHEUS: The dark one but I loved him. Yeah he was evil in a way but... NAH. Not gonna say anything and spoil this character. I love Morpheus! He is HILARIOUSLY CHARMING! But he is bad too.

He is supposedly the opposite of Blain. Instead of blond, he had dark hair. Instead of blue eyes, he had green. But honestly, this guy won my heart. HEHE. This wasn't the first time I fell for the more villany-type (is that even a word??) character rather than the main guy.. I just couldn't help it.

He was cocky as hell but in a very cute way. He uses all types of cute pet namesthat made me giggle. Examples are: love, hunk of burnin love, love monkey, love machine. Haha. It was very cute how he uses them. *giggles like a highschool girl*

"I'd try to keep your desire for me hidden from your love monkey. He might get jealous.

See what I mean? Absolutely cute. Plus he was hot too.

TRIN + BLAIN: You guys are cute. Especially when you're arguing but I would have to say I felt a little short on the whole romance thing. At least on the first part. Most of the time, they were bickering but you know the connection is there.

Hey Blain! I know you have a duty but you also have a duty to your heart.

But like I said, on the romance part, I think this lost this book some points to me. I was expecting more. I just wanted more of them but there was sooo little. I WANTED MOOOOREE! I'm saying that in a good way.

I love this book so much!
It was a mix of a lot of things.
Humor. Romance. Suspense. Mystery.
There was a bunch of stuff in here that was VERY good. I am very impressed with you and I am wishing to read the installment.
The ending was not a cliffhanger but it was a very open ending that there wold be a sequel.
I will definitely be looking forward for the next book.

I am highly recommending you, Hope's Decree, to every YA reader there who loves Greek Myth retellings.

I don't have anything but praises for this book. But like I said earlier, the romance part lacked for me a little tiny bit. I love my romance. :) Hence, the 4 star rating. It's actually more of a 4.95 rating but because I only rate books either 4 or a 5. I stuck with 4. :)





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