REVIEW: Since Forever Ago by Olivia Besse

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

My rating: 
"And isn't that what love's all about? Compromise? About realizing that there exists someone else whose happiness you treasure more than your own? That you don't care how much it hurts as long as that person is smiling?"

Two words to describe this book: Imperfectly Perfect

I loved it. The flaws of the characters. The stupid, irrational decisions. The unexpected circumstances. That's life. Life isn't perfect. People aren't perfect.

I would have to say I really really really enjoyed this. I had a big smile on my face as I was reading it. It was light-hearted, fun, and extremely amusing.


Riley's boyfriend of 6 years decided to cheat on her using a stupid app.

She was devastated.
She wasn't used to not having Noah.
Her attempt to be the perfect heartbreaker was a not so perfect plan after all.

Max has always been there for Riley.
They practically grew up together. They basically knew each other more than anyone else would.
So when Noah and Riley broke up, he thought he finally would have a chance with Riley.

Riley had no idea that Max feels this way for her and when she finds out that he has something to do with the breakup, will she ever forgive him?
When Max reveals his feelings to Riley, will it be a happily ever after or will it just be a disaster waiting to happen?


For some people who don't like whiny characters, Riley is a hard character to love. She was definitely whiny, immature, and makes insanely stupid decisions. She's 20 something I think, but she acts like she's 10 or something. Maybe I'm exagerrating but the point is, she's immature.

I hate whiny characters. I absolutely detest them. I usually shy away from those books because I don't want to get upset about them making stupid comments about how hard their life is blah blah blah. But Riley was different. I loved her. I accepted her weaknesses. She was whiny, definitely a yes. She was abnormally immature for her age. She was dependent. She makes stupid decisions out of a whim. She does not listen to her friends' advice. She was stubborn, hardheaded, and I so want to murder her.

Why do I like her? Because her character worked with the story. If she was all perfect, demure and shy, it wouldn't work. I'd probably hate this book. I'd probably stop reading because that would be boring. Who would want to read about a simple-who-doesnt-know-she's-pretty kind of girl??? That type of character is overused and boring. I liked Riley as she is.

A lot of reviews I've read were about how they didn't like Riley and I do get that. Not everyone could love her, but if you understood where she's coming from, then you'll get why the author made her like that. Again, the story wouldn't make sense if she was not like she is.

Another thing about Riley, I love her because she's so funny. Her immaturity is hilarious. I LOOOOVVEEE IT! Her inner thoughts are just genuinely funny and I love them. Not everyone could be mature and perfect everyone. Just saying.

I adore Max!! I really really love Max. Oh God Max is the perfect guy best friend character I've ever read of. He made that stupid decision but then he made up for it. I like how he pushes Riley to do the best that she can, unlike her douchecanoe boyfriend, Noah.

The way Max was made was that he was the perfect best friend but an imperfect guy, He made his mistakes, but is always willing to make up for it. I love how he pays attention to everything about Riley. It shows how much he adores her, even in secret. Riley's just too stupid to notice it the first time, and he was too shy to tell her.

I love love love Max! I wish there were more guys like Max in YA/NA books. ^__^

Secondary Characters
All of the main characters were amazing. Riley and Max's friends. Their siblings. They were either supportive or just a nuisance but they still made the story great.


Oh my holy hell!! I love these two. This book emphasizes that best friends make the best lovers. Some people might disagree, but honestly, these people know you to bits. They know what you like. They know what you hate. They know what annoys you. And they accept everything about you.

Riley and Max's relationship as best friends were cute and sweet. It is envious. Their story isn't unique. It's been written before but the way their story was written just made me smile. It was just so cuteeeeeeeee... Eeeekkkkk!!! I want more!

"I pee from there!" Riley hissed, glancing around the room in embarassment. "That's super disgusting!"

"I pee from my dick," Max replied matter-of-factly. "Do you thing blow jobs are gross too?"


Like I said, I now have a new process on rating the books I read. So here is my final score for this book.

I give this book


PLOT: 16
81/100 points


I loved the writing style. You really get to hear what both characters were thinking and feeling.

PLOT: 16

The plot has been used before. The best friend falling in love and all that but I would still give it a high score on this because of how easily the story flowed.


PERFECT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! They were very well made. No characters were useless.


I'd put a 10 because there were parts that were very obvious but there were some that aren't.


Perfect pace!


I genuinely enjoyed this read. It was easy. The plot wasn't complicated. You will just have to enjoy the characters finding themselves and what they want. You'll see them learn their lessons and grow from them.

RECOMMENDATION: I would recommend this to readers who want a light and fun read, and who doesn't immediately brush off a book because of an annoying female lead. :)


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